Web development

In no-time we develop and program your professional website in close collaboration with you so all your demands and expectations will meet your customer's needs.

The visitors of your site use a browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc...) to view its content. The manufacturers of these browsers tend to interprete the programming code differently - compare it to a 'dialect' - resulting in a different appearance of your site in different browsers.
To avoid this we program your site in the standard code as prescribed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This way potential differences on the screen when viewing your site with different browsers are reduced to a minimum.

We develop for you a full e-business platform from simple static sites over database driven web shops to complete Content Management Systems.


You want to publish your catalog of products and/or services on your web site? Then you need a personalized database. We develop your tailormade database to integrate into your web site so your customers will be able to consult your complete catalog online. Even your distributors/representatives may submit any orders online securely.


You want to sell your products and/or services effectively through your web site? Then we have the solution for you. A web shop that you can manage yourself completely. With our web shops you can manage articles, adjust prices, automatically track your inventory, etc. Your customers order directly through your web site and your distributors/representatives submit their orders online.


With your own Content Management System you can manage the content of your web site yourself online and in real-time.
With basic computer skills you or your employees are able to manage texts, images, graphs and tables on your own web site.

What can we do for you?

Professional, dynamic and modern webdesign

Developing a full e-business platform for you

Keeping your website content up to date

SEO, registration and Google Adwords

Social media, newsletters, forums, etc...

Analyzing your visitor- and campaign-statisctics