Our vision on a user friendly Content Management System.

Over more then 10 years we have analized the usage of websites by our own customers and website management in general. Apparently over 80% of the people/companies using a content management tool to manage their website use less than 20% of the possibilities offered by these tools.
This results in ineffective usage of the user interface with an overload of buttons (which are never used) that hide the buttons looked for by the site manager.
After a while site managers tend to lose interest in updating their sites due to these overloaded user interfaces looking mostly dull. This results in outdated sites inattractive to its visitors and starts a downward spiral for these websites.

To offer a solution for these problems we decided to develop our own Content Management System: LuckyCMS

LuckyCMS is developed with these goals in mind:

  • providing all the functionality necessary to manage a modern, clean website
  • a modern, crisp user interface that is exciting to look at and fun to work with
  • a minimum number of buttons on the user interface

LuckyCMS can best be summerized with the slogan LESS IS MORE

These things you can do with the standard version of LuckyCMS:

Content Pages

  • add, edit or remove unlimited content pages in a multilevel structure
  • upload, crop or remove images, files, video, applications or 'zipped' attachments to each content page


  • add or remove as much administrative users as you want to delegate site management

Company details

  • edit your company details such as company name, address, phone, fax, mobile, VAT-number and info on the fly
  • edit your site details such as site name and slogan if necessary

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